Zealots are an enemy in Orion Sandbox Enhanced. 


Zealots wear purple cloaks with glowing red eyes coming out from under the hood. They appear to have gray clothing or skin underneath. 


A zealot will run towards you and explode when they get close to you. If a zombie or insect is nearby, it will run towards that creature and explode in their face. They do not target goblins like miner goblin or warrior goblin. When they explode, you can hear a slight muahahaha laugh and they will expand slightly before blowing up. All nearby creatures, including the player, will take damage or die. Zealots are found mostly on the surface of the planet, but can occasionally show up underground. They can usually catch you off guard like that, however, so be careful when mining. Zealots can also open doors, which just adds on to their deadliness. however, they cannot open trapdoors and are somewhat stupid, pacing on the blocks below or above the player instead of climbing down that hole you made there. This is true for other enemies. 

Killing a Zealot

Many early players will have trouble killing zealots, as they will explode before you can slice them apart. Therefore the only other option is to kill them with dynamite or firearms. Traps will also work, but they will not drop XP that way.But if you want to get some xp you can use some sword or weapons like scythe of dead, sword of abyss, byzantium hammer, sword of universe, alligator, ... 


When killed, the sound of a goblin screaming as it dies can be heard. This may be why they don't attack goblins, and perhaps could be possesed goblins or just goblins who mistrust the player, as they also kill zombies, like goblins. 

  • Zealots will eventually lose interest and go away after a while. So if a zealot wanders into your house, the best way to not get blown up if you don't have firearms or ammo is to just sit and wait for it to go away or blow up, should a zombie wander in. 
  • Strangly, the zealot doesn't destroy the nearby blocks, though dynamite does, despite both having the same size explosion. 
  • When not moving, zealots seem to rock around on their feet a bit. 
  • A zealot will appear to drift along a bit when they walk. 
  • You can manually detonate a zealot with the holy blast.