Esses locais notáveis ​​no mundo da Orion Sandbox Aprimorados estão aqui: house

  • Abandon Rooms
  • 22Campfi3 res34
  • Fire Mines
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  • Other Structures


  • Casa 566
  • Sky Island

34 Abandon Rooms:

Nota 9ble by slimy cobwebs, skulls on the floor, and stone brick, Abandon Rooms contain 9a Workbench, a table with a candelabra, and two chairs (possibly pictures). Their main purpose is fighting King Mosquiton , a Mosquito based boss.


On the surface, going to the far left, is several Goblin Houses, containing a rare goblin (name needed), two lanterns, tables, windows and furnaces in each house. The Alchemist Goblin's house contains a bed, though no chest, however; the other houses have loot chests, with teleportation tabs and a key card among the treasure.


(Requires editing for all campfire locations)

The only listed campfire currently is around 20 (ish) blocks near the Goblin Houses, and is surrounded in stone bricks and mossy stone bricks (and walls), the fire, like all, burns nearby Zombies. (No effect on Zealots and Bugs. Possibly heals player.)


Characterized by mossy and normal metal blocks, along with metal ladders and wall lights, laboratories contain TVs, iron doors (uncommon) solidium doors (rare) chests with treasure, spike, saw and arrow traps. One laboratory is the location of the Metal Guard , a boss that requires a battery to activate.

The lab containing the Metal Guard is roughly 40 blocks left of spawn, where you can find the entrance to it above ground.

The lab containing the Ancient Computer is down from a small crack near the left edge of the map, then right when you fall into a cave, bridge over the pit, and go down the ladder.

Fire Mines:

80-90 blocks left from the lab where the Metal Guard is there is a ruin. If you dig straight down you will find a fire mine.(on the way down look to the right because there is an abandoned room)

Other Structures:

Sunken Ship, deep cavern layer under Goblin Houses. Contains loot, filled with water.

Lighthouse, left edge of map. Contains Trader. (sells rare items for gold bars)

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