King Mosquiton is the second boss the player will encounter(It depends). King Mosquiton has 200 He

uiton can be found by finding the ruins deep underground with King Mosquiton inside. After killing King Mosquiton, you will unlock the Achievement " 3D Printer 3000 " which will reward you with the 3D Printer 3000.

Boss Fight

King Mosquiton like the Ancient Guard has to come close to the player then sipping out the player's blood with poop tubes. ( King Mosquiton's Attack is the same as mosquitos irl. ) It is recommended to have good gear this time ( gold with skills is enough or solidium armor is enough ) unlike Ancient Guard where the player can destroy it easily with gold equipment. The player is urged to bring antidotes with him/her as there is a chance that they will get poisoned. The poison lasts much longer than that of a spit zombie, and can be very deadly, even after the boss itself is dead. King Mosquiton may also trap the player in a cobweb, immobilizing them until the cobweb disappears or the player burns it with a torch.


Full out: The player can try and engage directly with melee combat with the king and exchange hits, but this may leave them with low health and you could die from the poison effect. This is not recommended with gold armor or below. The player should take time to dig out a small tunnel to hide in when low on health.

Bombardment: Reduce King Mosquiton's health by shooting at him with firearms before finishing him off if necessary. He still may shoot cobwebs at you, but those should only be a mild inconvenience as long you are out of range of his attack. It is recommended to shoot up at him through a small hole (with an exit) or otherwise down at him from above or in a small tunnel.

Enemy of the enemy: If a Mech Miner Robot is nearby, than you can try and have them engage in combat. You will need enough room to lure King Mosquiton out, though. Zealots may also work but are harder to find underground and may hurt the player instead. You can detonate a zealot with the holy blast, but this may result in you taking damage as well.

Traps: Use traps to reduce King Mosquiton's health, then finish him off yourself. Make sure you are the one to finish him off, not the trap(s), as you will not get the 3d printer that way.


  • Bloody Sunrise Katana, which does 15 damage and requires healing potions to repair. More experienced players will tend to move on to bigger and better things and you should to, after a while. Too bad you can't put it on an arms rack and show off to your friends. Drop Chance: 30%


  • When killed, the Kind Mosquiton will sometimes not drop the 3D Printer 3000. This is caused by killing the King Mosquiton with a trap.


  • King Mosquiton is the only insect boss in the game.
  • It is the only boss with the ability to poison the player.
  • There is a workbench in the chamber that he spawns in.
  • The bloody sunrise katana that he drops is one of the few weapons with a speed of "very high."