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Ps: This page has been translated and fixed from Spanish, some asshole translated from English to Spanish.

Evil Beings

Image Name Level HP Location Zombie 1 30 Everywhere, spawn at night
Armored Zombie 2 36 Caves, fairly deep
moz-extension://6a82baa4-c96f-4bea-99d4-1ad1a7b01ff2/editor/page.html Red Mech 5 caves Insect Fed 2 52 Cave Goblin Gang N/A 14(x8) In your house Giant Insect 3 90 Cave
moz-extension://6a82baa4-c96f-4bea-99d4-1ad1a7b01ff2/editor/page.html Zombie Spitter 1 24 Cave Booboohead 4 992 Temple Small Insect 1 26 Cave