Ancient guard is the very first boss the player will encounter. The ancient guard has 180 health (level 5) and armed with a light sword. The player can find the spawner by finding the bunker ( china ) and then passing a semi parkour of arrow traps which will kill the player if not paying attention to it, then you will find a chest with useful loots for beginners, you will see the boss spawner. Turning it on will require a battery which the player can craft needing 3 energy crystal which will be found deep underground (above gold level).

Boss Fight                                                                                                                                                         The ancient guard fights by going near the player then attacking it with the light sword which deals a lot of damage if the player has low defense. The boss fight requires a high defense and a gold sword if the player is skilled ( iron sword can also be used but it will take more longer ) and a bit of micromanagement. The player can also put 3 blocks in the ceiling and start the boss fight normally but the ancient guard will be stuck and cant move towards the player although if the player tries attacking the ancient guard, it will also attack if going near which will still require moving back and forth, but then the boss fight will become much more easier.

The player should also have plenty of food and potions in his/her hotbar that can give them an edge in battle. Levitation may allow you to jump over the Ancient Guard, given that you have enough space, and Speed Potions will make it harder for the boss to hit you if you are forced to dash past it. It is suggested to use your most powerful weapon against it. Solidium sword is recommended, as long as you are a high enough level to use it. Firearms will not work against the Ancient, Guard, which means that melee combat is the only option :(. It is good to use its own weapon against it, though you must have defeated it before in order to use it, as it cannot be crafted.


  • One light sword, which will deal 24 damage and has a durability of 300. It can be repaired only with solidium. 3d printer helps with that.
  • Path ring. Will show you where other bosses are. Follow the directions of its particles. If it starts pulsing, then that means that you are getting closer. It will pulse faster the closer you are.


  • This is the only boss to have an 100% drop chance for all of its items.
  • This is also the only boss not to have a shadow version of it.
  • Unlike other bosses, it has to be activated, whereas for everybody else, they simply sit and wait for you to fight them.
  • When you defeat it, it will show how long it will take for it to respawn on the Antient Computer. This applies for all the other bosses as well.